Friday, March 09, 2012


early morning run with one of my besties AND photo_6

An early morning run with one of my besties  AND a gorgeous sunrise.//ouch!


photo_7 photo_8

A girl and her dog.//watching for Addi to get off the bus.


photo_9 photo_12

Finally had a rainy day to wear my new boots.//A snowy run.


photo_10 photo_11 

Baby Trey came to play!!//cousins


photo_13 photo_14

dress-up//serious conversations with daddy.


photo_15 photo_16

Cam has a shiner!//dinner.


 photo_18 photo_19

puke covered baby (you’re welcome)//sick=sleepy



The result of a sister spat.  Never mind my deformed looking hand.

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