Thursday, March 01, 2012

Going all Duggar on ya…

{No, I am NOT pregnant.}

I despise spending money on things I can make myself.  Many of you know that about me.  And if you don’t, it’s probably pretty apparent by the blog.  I’m cheap thrifty like that. 

Needless to say, spending $20 + every 4-5 weeks on an economy sized box of laundry detergent doesn’t really make the Top 500 List of Things I like to Blow My Money On.  In fact, appliances and new underwear (2 of my least favorite buys) rank higher than laundry soap. 

Enter: Pinterest to the rescue!

I found this tutorial from How Does She and we (as in the whole fam-damily) pretty much followed it to a “T”.  And you guys?  It was crazy easy.  So easy that I doubt we’ll ever use store bought detergent again.  The only even remotely challenging and time consuming part was shredding the Fels Naptha (or Zote soap), which took 25 minutes, max.  Basically it’s a dump and mix type of deal. 


I held off on sharing with you mainly because I wanted to be able to be behind my recommendation 100%.  As of yesterday I was 95% on board and pleased with the homemade concoction. I was unready to verbalize my total commitment because it had yet to face a real washing “challenge.”  No blood, pudding, mud, or even juice to put it to the test in the last 2 weeks.  How that possible in this house, I have no idea. Most of our days are filled with messes, but these last weeks have been relatively clean, I guess.  Leave it to our beloved fat dog to finally break the clean streak and puke (gross, stinky, brown, dog food, mucousy-puke) on a white blanket.  So, into the wash it went and, as expected, the new laundry soap did wonderfully!  Not even a small discoloration remains.  Now, that’s clean AND worthy of my 100% backing. 

Just a couple notes:

1. Most of our ingredients were found at Wal-Mart, after searching Target to no avail. 


2. We used 2 bottles of the Purex Crystals, as recommended in the tutorial for maximum scent.  It has a VERY strong, clean, fresh smell pre-use and we all agree that our laundry smells good, but isn’t overly scented. 

3. Our mixing was done in a medium sized Rubbermaid garbage can it worked wonderfully!  Of course, I scooped some of that into the jar for the sake ease and prettiness. 


4.  Each load needs a MAX of only 2 TABLESPOONS!  2 TABLESPOONS!  That’s crazy, right?!? 

5.  A good blogger would have done all the cost comparison calculations and be armed with the facts and figures.  But a good blogger, I am not!  So, this is what I know: this homemade laundry detergent lot cost us about $30 (that includes the Rubbermaid container AND a new grater) and I’m quite certain it will last us at least 6+ months.  I’ll be sure to let you know.  As I previously mentioned, we were spending nearly $20 every 4-5 weeks on the economy box of Gain laundry detergent.  So, those are the facts.  You do the math.

And that’s that.  I say, give ‘er a go and let me know what you think.


Molly said...

1. I love all the helpers...that totally cracks me up!
2. Might have to give this a try...we have an HE washer and she said it works good in those too! Thanks for sharing!!

Kendra ;) said...

OMG! SO thought you were Mckpregnant! Shwooo! ;)

CarsonFamily said...

LOL Kendra!

Angela said...

I am glad to see you post this. I have been tempted to try making it, but was never sure. After my stock pile of tide runs out I may have to try this! Also, have you tried using this in cold water?

Cathy Hardekopf said...

I have been dying to try this, but didn't know anyone personally who did it!
Once my Tide is gone, I will have to go for it!

Cathy Hardekopf said...

I have been dying to try this, but didn't know anyone personally who did it!
Once my Tide is gone, I will have to go for it!


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