Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Lovely Lovers Day with my Lovies

Valentines Day isn't a huge deal around here (we believe in loooove everyday...equal opportunity love, if you will), but we do try to do a few fun things. 

Like {semi-} heart shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast...

Snacks that say it all...

And, of course, homemade Valentines for classmates...

Best of all?  Time together.  Totally cliche?  Yes.  But true.  And I couldn't have appreciated our togetherness more than I did that night.  Because earlier in the evening we attended the visitation of a family friend -- the 29-year-old brother of my best friend/roommate from college, Marissa. 

Alex courageously battled cancer for 4 1/2 years before going home to meet his Maker.  To say that my heart has been heavy for Alex and his family is an understatement.  Perhaps it's been part of the reason I've spent so much time away from the blog??  I don't know.  It just feels like anything I'd write here would seem so minuscule and unimportant compared to what their family has endured these last few years/months/weeks/days. 

Alex was a teacher -- in more ways than one.  He taught American History to 8th graders, but more importantly, he taught those around them to be kind to one another, smile, be brave in the face of adversity, live life to the fullest, spend time with your loved ones, and to serve the Lord.  I think we all know that these things are far easier said than done, which is what made Alex such an extraordinary man...he modeled these life lessons with an ease that made you want to follow. I feel honored to have known such a courageous, happy, genuinely kind man.

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