Friday, February 24, 2012

Insta-Friday//week in iPhone photos

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sweet sissy//baby shades


photo_1 photo_2

15 month well baby check – waiting so innocently, not knowing that in a matter of minutes those chubby baby thighs would fall victim to 2 vaccinations.


  photo_4 photo_5

she said, “mom, you talk too much.”  hello kettle, meet pot.//oh ya know, just watching some tv, being annoyed with mom. i love doing that.


photo_23 photo_9

pretty profile//ready for a disneyland vacay.


photo_11 photo_13

random weird texts from random weird strangers//in her sunday best.


photo_14 photo_15

soooo sleepy…..


photo_16 photo_17

hanging out with dad {with baby and sparkly, purple purse}//big sis made him a half birfday hat.


photo_18 photo_19

kindergarten ballers//pre-k ballers






daddy made them a robot.  all dads do that, right?!?

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