Wednesday, February 01, 2012

coat clutter

Every time a new year rolls around I get this sudden surge of organizational energy and motivation to simplify, decorate, and clean. Except this year.  Nope, not any of that going on around here.  In fact, there are still bits of Christmas decor scattered about, my house hasn't been "deep" cleaned since before the holidays, I have about 5 projects at a complete stand-still, and not a single Valentines decoration has made it's way up from the basement.  I just haven't been in the mood (for blogging either, apparently) and I'm ok with that.  I really am.  I know the mood will strike again and soon I'll be back to my cleaning/crafting ways.  But while I'm waiting on the motivation and resulting blog material, I figured I should show you a little project we did waaaay back in October -- before the heavy coats, snow pants, and boots emerged for the winter.

First, the problem:

We have this fantastic bench/coat hanger/organizer/locker-type thing my dad made us a couple years ago.  It was been a lifesaver.   The problem is that it only has spots for 3 shoe baskets and since there are now 4 shoe-wearing little people, we were a basket short.  There are, however, 4 sets of hooks and we do have one small coat closet across from the bench that J and I used for our coats and shoes.  It wasn't super convenient and J and I were bad about hanging our coats on hangers every time we came in the house, so they usually ended up draped over a kitchen chair.

So, as coat wearing season was approaching we went into brainstorming mode and made a trip to Home Depot for the solution:

I know it's hard to see, so here are the deets.

We took advantage of the unused space right inside the garage door, leading down to the basement by attaching these, what are supposed to be, pantry organizers to serve as shoe holders for all of J's shoes, some of my running shoes (I keep most of my shoes in my closet upstairs), and the kids' boots.  Then, J hung hooks on a couple pieces of pre-primed wood for us (he & I) to hang our coats and a few of the kids' "overflow" coats/snow attire.  Addi now keeps her shoes in a basket in the closet and Kaiah has taken over Addi's old basket under the bench. 

It certainly isn't the prettiest solution, but it definitely meets a need.  And that's what it's all about, right?!?  Making things work better and more efficiently?  Yes, yes it is.

Thanks for being patient with me while I'm waiting on my crafting/cleaning/organizational mojo to come back!


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Molly said...

great idea!! we too have a coat clutter issue. We have added hooks by our front door which seem to help. But my master plan is to put a mud room in our basement when we finish it :)


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