Monday, February 13, 2012

Blogging. MPM.


It was on my list of things to do today.  Right after meal planning, and before working out.  Plus, I had good intentions of blogging about something real today.  Kids, Pinterest projects, closet organization, and a couple small diy's topped the list -- not just the recent usual Meal Planning Monday post or cell phone pics.  You know how it goes, though...good intentions and lists are generally made in the morning, when you have the whole day ahead of you and are optimistically unrealistic.  Then 2:15 rolls around and you still have work to finish, a treadmill run to do, dinner to make, laundry to put away, and Valentines to create. 

See?  The above scenario is the exact reason for my little blogging hiatus.  It's not for lack of material or motivation, really.  What it comes down to is that LIFE is happening and I'm just not finding the time to document it. Don't you worry...I'm confident that I'll regularly be back at it again soon, but for now I might just be popping in rather sporadically.

Here's the meal plan this week:

Monday: The kids are having Bubble Up Enchiladas (a carry-over from the last couple of weeks) and my Valentine is taking me out on a nice little date to Olive Garden and Target.  He knows me so well.

Tuesday: Weight Watchers Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Have I mentioned that I'm doing Weight Watchers?  No?  Well, I am.  And have been since November.  My review: I LOVE it.  I thrive on objective parameters and that's exactly what WW gives me.  I enjoy being able to "earn" splurges by working out, something I usually do daily anyway. Plus, there's always wiggle room, so when say, for instance, my hot hubby is taking me to OG, I can plan for that and eat accordingly and be prepared for a dinner out. I'm not going to lie, I've had my hard days/weeks and have fallen off the WW train a time or two, but overall?  I'm pleased as punch with my results.  But more importantly, I'm thrilled with how I feel.  I'd been living under baby, baby, baby, baby pudge for too long.  Move over, Jennifer Hudson, WW has a new biggest getting smaller by the minute fan.

Wednesday: Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joe's

Thursday: California Club Quesadillas

Friday: WW Meatlovers Pizza

What's on the menu at your house this week?


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Anonymous said...

yumm...and so very proud of your diligence with WW were, and are, a, ang


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