Monday, January 16, 2012


Monday already?  How did that happen?  We had ourselves a nice little weekend.  A few highlights: pizza and movie night (The Lion King, in case you were wondering), watching my favorite ballers dominate Little Dunkers basketball (he he he), Applebees carside to-go, Church, lunch with my fam, a friend's birthday party for E, Target for me (actually, that was probably more of a low-light because?  grocery shopping?  blech.), nice weather, a run with a friend, and a little TV watchin' with Coach Starr.

And today we've just been hanging out.  Addi's home from school and is taking full advantage of the at-home day by rocking her pajamas until well after lunch.  We did some serious fort building this morning and I'm quite sure that a little outside play time will be on the afternoon agenda. 

pizza & a movie (yes, addi's wearing her red flannel pjs.  the girl loves to be comfortable.)


On to MPM...

Monday: Garlic Chicken

Tuesday: Crockpot Enchilada Soup

Wednesday: BBQ pizza on flatbread

Thursday: Cajun Chicken Wraps

Friday: ???

There you have it.  What's on your menu?


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Kristal said...

I came up with the great idea of building a fort this weekend when Khloe and I were sitting around Khloe insists that we have one up at all times and we both play in the "fowt"...I keep forgetting not to start something fun with an almost 2 year old and think its gonna be a one time deal!


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