Saturday, January 14, 2012

Insta Friday (on Saturday at 7:00am...)

Sometimes Cam and I get bored in the preschool parking lot, so we make our own fun.

Birthday dinner with the in-laws.  Luckily, the poor picture quality disguises exactly how RED my face was.

Love my 2 lazy boys.

She thought she needed a little privacy.

Lunch lately.

Look!  My baby likes to sleep with this little tiny "baby."  Is that not the most precious thing EVER?  Yes?  I thought so, too!

Annndddd, as if the above picture wasn't cute enough, here's my little lunch time napper.

After school snack and hot chocolate.

Have a great weekend!  We're off to watch my favorite 4 & 6-year-olds play basketball!


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