Wednesday, January 11, 2012

4 things at 4:44

1.  So, that meal plan yesterday?  Yeah, just ignore it.  I totally forgot that my mother-in-law gave us a frozen soup, so we're having that tonight...which just leaves just 2 more meals for the week and I'm confident we can scrounge up something from the pantry to get us through.  I'll do just about anything to avoid the grocery store.  Can you tell?

2.  Our crazy dog has been trying to gnaw off his own leg.  The vet has assured us that, short of muzzling him, there really isn't much we can do about it.  We're pretty desperate to get things figured out, as I don't really care to have a tripod for a dog, nor do I like bloody carpet, so we're trying an anti-depressant. Hopefully he's happier (??) soon because the thought that we've driven him to lick/bite his leg off is almost too much for me to bear.

3. I think it's safe to say that Addi has her first official "crush."  The other night she asked me, "Mom, how does Addison Clark ___________ (insert last name of boy) sound."  And I about choked on my water.  Being careful not to break down open lines of communication, I made it very clear to her that she is too young to have a boyfriend, but having boys as friends is ok.  Her response?  "Ok, mom, I'll wait until 2nd grade."  Fantastic.  At least I have 2 years to prepare my defense/deterrent.

4. I just finished reading Beezus and Ramona to the kids (mainly Addi) and really, really enjoyed it. Like, a lot.  So much so that I can't wait until tonight to begin reading the 2nd book in the series -- Ramona the Pest. 




Dillinger Family said...

Hey did your vet suggest benedryl for the gnawing? Our dog is bites her legs and scratches alot and our vet thought it could be allergies and suggested 1/2 a tablet of benedryl twice a day(granted she is also only 10 lbs). It might be something else to consider or look in to.

The Lynam's said...

I loved Ramona when I was younger. And oy vey on the boyfriend stuff. Trust me, they try to start young at our school, too. I've had to stop 2 of my kiddie from kissing!!!!!

Kendra ;) said... that Addi! A girl after my own heart! :D


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