Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Hinderaker Christmas

Last Sunday afternoon we all headed to my Grandma's house to celebrate Christmas with the Hinderakers.  It is still strange and sad that my sweet Gramps isn't there with us.  During dinner as stories were being told and laughter shared, I found myself staring at his chair and I could just see my Gramps sitting at the head of our table, with his head back in laughter and doing the famous "silent laugh." I'm grateful for such fond memories of such a Godly, happy man. 

Despite missing Gramps we all had a fun day and I actually remembered my camera (it's a Christmas miracle!).  Looking back through them, it seems as though 90% are of little KT.  But in my defense, she's cute and smiles on command (as opposed to moody and occasionally defiant like the other 3).  See?

Getting ready to pass out presents.

Don't ya just love a droopy diaper, tights covered bottom?

Cam Shea stopped long enough for a smile.

Still working on the walk....

Listening to Grandma Nana read the Christmas story.

D and baby T - who, by the way, is crazy cute!

My grandma got the kids those recordable story books.  You've seen them right?  I can't even tell you how wonderfully comforting it is to hear my grandma's voice every time one of the books is open.  Definitely gifts we will treasure forever.

There you have it...Christmas #1.  Numbers 2 - 6 to follow. And I'm not even kidding.  We love us some Christmas around here!


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