Thursday, December 22, 2011


Listening to Christmas music is, without a doubt, one of my favorite things about this season. 

Whether it be Eli in his preschool program...

he's the handsome one in the tie.

3rd row, front and center.

The big kids performing during their Christmas program at Church....

Camden in the living room.

Or these "Flash Mobbers" in a mall.  I love it all.

Please trust me when I say that this one is a must-see.  Annnddd, you might need a few tissues close-by.  Just sayin'.
{Thanks for sharing, Sara.}

Did you notice how many mall goers/non-flash mobbers were singing along?!?  Surely there were believers and nonbelievers alike there in that mall that day, singing together about the birth of our Savior. Amazing, isn't it? 


The Starr Family said...

We sing November till January 1st, all the songs of our Savior's birth... and its like magic. My kids hear the Christmas songs come on and turn into merry little beings :)

Christina said...

What a cutie!
And I love the video at the end, so cool!

Carisa said...

Is that Katie Stewart next to Eli in his preschool program? She is my best friends daughter LOVE HER!!!!

Jenni said...

the video was AMAZING!!!


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