Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas Celebrations {thus far!}

You read that right...we're not done yet!!  In fact, we still have 2 more Christmas celebrations to go!  So, while the decorations might be coming down sooner rather than later, the excitement continues.  What does that mean for you?  LOTS of pictures now and even more later.  Try to contain yourself.

Ok, here's the recap so far:

Christmas eve was spent at church, then at my parent's house.

He's a loved little boy!

Papa, Jojo, and all the grandkids.

Seriously, how cute is he?!?

Christmas day we opened presents here, ate breakfast, played, and enjoyed a little downtime before heading off to J's grandma's in the afternoon.

We got Kai a personalized board book from {here}.  Thanks for the recommendation, Ang!  She LOVES it!

{This year we decided to do something a little different with our gift giving.  After Christmas last year I remember reading a blog post about a family who gives each of their kiddos 4 gifts - a want, a need, something to wear, and something to read.  It seemed so practical! So, we decided to adopt a version of this and it worked wonderfully!  We thought this would be a great way to "streamline" our gift giving and to prevent potentially going overboard (something that I have a tendency to do.  What can I say?  I LOVE gift giving!).  Besides, we want our kids to remember that it is Jesus' birthday, not theirs.  That being said, our kids' wants this year were pretty small (Cam asked Santa for toenail polish), so I may have fudged a little on their 'wants'.  Plus, we don't buy our kids clothes everyday and, obviously, clothes are kind of a 'need' (especially when they're growing at a ridiculous rate!), therefore we went with a nice outfit and a play outfit for each.  So, when you add up the wants, needs, things to wear, and things to read, then add Santa gifts (board games, sleds, and snow gear) on top of all that, the kids were in present heaven!  I'm curious, what's your gift giving philosophy?}

Back to Christmas day...once at J's grandma's we ate lunch, watched the kids open gifts, then all the adults participated in our annual gift exchange game.  As always, it was a blast.

Whew!  Now that we're all caught up, I feel ready for Christmas #4 and #5!  Bring it.



The Starr Family said...

Of course, the mom posts a bunch of pictures and is not in ONE OF THEM!!! :) This seems so familiar!

Angela said...

I saw that idea of the 4 present on pinterest not that long ago and am thinking about implementing that next year. Otherwise I usually just buy till I feel like its enough, which causes me to over buy! I like giving the kids gifts. Do you have the kids buy each other gifts?


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