Monday, December 05, 2011


On Saturday I didn't even leave the house. 2 out of our 4 children stayed in pajamas until it was time to put on a new pair for bed that night.  And we watched Elf twice.  Our weekend was just that good. 

How was yours? 

I probably should have gotten groceries yesterday, but just didn't feel like it.  We have enough milk, bread, and diapers to last us until at least mid-week, so that's the plan.  I did go ahead and come up with the meals for our week, using mostly what we have, but I may have to end my no-grocery streak come Wednesday.

Monday: Shepherd's Pie

Tuesday: Enchiladas

Wednesday: I'm having dinner with friends and J has a class, so the kids are having ____________ (???).

Thursday: Baked Potatoes

Friday: Southwest Egg Rolls

Saturday/Sunday: French Toast & Eggs

Back to work I go...later gators.


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