Friday, November 18, 2011

Week in review/InstaFriday!

Welcome, Friday!  I've been waiting on you for...ooohhh, you know...6 days or so and I'm glad you finally decided to show. This week was a doozy and I'm ready for a little R & R.

Monday night Addi had basketball.

Tuesday night was spent at gymnastics with A & C.

On Wednesday the littles had their well-child check-ups, everyone but KT had Little Cherubs at church, and that evening we went to Addi's parent/teacher conferences.  And can I just tell you?  I'm convinced there is nothing better than listening to a 3rd party confirm that, in fact, your child is awesome.  I say this not to brag --because as we all know, it is only by the grace of God that our little flawed offspring isn't a senseless delinquent within the walls of her educational facility -- but to express my gratitude.  I'm thankful that despite the many mistakes J and I are surely making, she's thriving.  No, not just thriving -- excelling -- both as a student AND as a young lady.  I've been wearing my "proud parent" sticker across my forehead for 3 days now and it's not coming off anytime soon.

Last night I hosted a Pampered Chef party.  A huge shout-out to all FOUR of you that showed.  Oh, I'm kidding.  :) Apparently, I picked the month's busiest evening for a get-together and most people had prior commitments, sick kids, or a really great excuse. Anyway, it was fun to see my college roommate/Pampered Chef consultant in action!

So, here we are.  Friday.  I'm in my most favorite sweats, sipping on hot apple cider, listening to Amy Grant's Christmas on Pandora, and making plans to do a whole lotta nothin' tonight.  Well, that's not exactly true.  I plan on doing a bunch of cuddling, movie watching, and game playing.  It's going to be awesome!

On to InstaFriday!

Around here lately:  baby maddness, Amy Grant Christmas on Pandora, productions at the DM Playhouse (we're going to have a couple happy kiddos!).

Pay no mind to my disgusting smudged windows, instead focus on the cute babe who makes the mess.

Licking the beaters.

Look!  Baby Trey is getting cuter by the day. 

Serious convos.

A little light reading.

Hot apple cider in my happy yellow mug.


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