Monday, November 28, 2011


Where the heck did the last 6 days go?!?  I mean, it seems like just 30 seconds ago I was packing up our little family of 6 for a road trip up north for our Thanksgiving festivities and somehow now it's Monday again.  I don't know about you, but when it comes to babies growing and holidays passing, I am NOT ok with time passing at warp speed.  Anyhoo, our holiday was a great one and I hope yours was too.  I took no pictures.  Zero.  So, I hope to steal borrow a couple from my most favoritest cousin/photographer, Chandra when she posts them.

Now we're back to the daily grind.  The countdown to Christmas is on and things around here are looking equal parts festive and messy.  I've been doing some serious Cyber Monday shopping today and am determined to not be a crazed gift-buying maniac the week before Christmas.  It's all about enjoyment this time of year and present procrastination can suck the joy right out of me.  Work smarter, not harder...that's what I always say.

Moving on.

This week we are trying some new recipes.  I'll plan on sharing once my opinionated taste testers give me the thumbs-up.

Monday: Loaded Potato Soup

Tuesday: J and I have dinner plans.  The kids will eat leftovers.

Wednesday: Pepperoni Pizza Pasta

Thursday: Crunchy Sweet Heat Chicken Fingers

Friday: Shepherd's Pie

Lastly, because I can't bare to publish another post without a picture..


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Molly said...

such sweet pictures of your two little girls!


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