Wednesday, November 02, 2011

9 years

Nine years ago today my guy and I stood in front of God and the world's best group of family and friends, declaring our love for one another and reciting vows full of meaningful promises. At the time the actual wedding was a pretty big, important deal.  Every detail had been planned (except for how I, the bride, would get to the church. duh.).  Our colors were navy and silver.  The dress was big and white.  There were lots of candles and only a few flowers. My friends sang songs and read scripture.  J's aunt did my hair. The families obliged our picture requests (despite our nut job of a photographer). I cried during our vows and my groom got teary-eyed. At the reception, we stepped off a trolley greeted by nearly 300 guests.  Dinner was excellent, but nothing too fancy.  And our guest were asked to eat right away, rather than waiting for us.  We danced a lot and kept the speeches to a minimum.  The whole thing was a production -- a wonderful, extremely memorable, blessed production.  Come to think of it, I was kind of a production at the age of 22 and, naturally, our wedding followed suit.

{Of note, we were married in 2002 and this crazy thing called digital photography became all the rage in 2003.  Story of my life -- a day late and a dollar short. :) Anyhoo, here are some pictures of pictures for your viewing pleasure.}

Jeremiah, it's no secret that I think you're a pretty incredible guy and that wedding 9 years ago was a day I'll never forget.  But today?  If we were to do it over again?  I wouldn't need all that.  There would be no big party, fancy clothes, good food, tall cake, or generous gifts.  Because today I already feel like I have it all.  You've filled my heart with more love than I thought it held and my life with more laughter than tears, more patience than I deserve, and more JOY than I thought possible.  And also?  More kids than you and I had planned -- evidence of God's perfect plan.

Happy Anniversary, Babe!  I'm so grateful God chose me to walk this life with you. Here's to 9 years and at least 59 more (we're going to be pretty awesome old people)! 


Thankfulness Project:

9. A mom that lets me call/text her 238 times a day.
10. A dad that can and will be at my house in less than 2 minutes when I need him.  And I need him a LOT.
11. In-laws that love me like their own.
12. The car carts at grocery stores.
13. Yummy smelling candles.
14. Long, hot summer days at my parent's pool.
15. My favorite book of all time, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
16. A strong, safe home that keeps our family sheltered.
17. Free shipping.



dawn said...

beautiful! love the new pictures of you two too...can't wait to see more!

can you believe we don't have digital wedding photos?? we just celebrated #9 this year too!

dawn said...

oh shipping is the best thing ever...especially with four kids!

Jodi said...

You made me cry. .). It was a beautiful day for a wedding...a little bit nicer than today!! Love you both.

Molly said...

1. Happy Anniversary!
2. Beautiful Wedding!!
3. We too were married in 2002...I hear you on the digital photography...what a bummer, right!!?!
4. seriously Redeeming Love? um yep LOVE that book too!

Anonymous said...

oh, i love this!! happy anniversary you two crazy are so loved! and LOVE the pictures of you two...the old and new ones both!

love, ang (for all of us!)

chandra said...

Love the post! Happy Anniversary guys! Also LOVE the recent pic of you and J (where he is actually smiling!).
I heart free shipping too!

Christina said...

Happy Anniversary!
Love your pictures, you guys are so cute!

Jill@Barnes Yard said...

Is it just me or do you kinda look like Kendra Wilkinson in your wedding pics???


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