Monday, November 14, 2011


Whew, what a weekend!  Our sweet Camden Shea turned 3 on Saturday and we celebrated with a zebra themed party (her pick!) for her and Kai.  I fully intended on posting about the birthday girl on her big day, but alas, I was knee-deep in party preparations and never found 5 minutes to get on the computer.  As for today I'm still trying to catch my breath, so I'll going to keep this short and sweet.

Camden Shea,

Your entire life has been a sweet, sweet surprise.  From conception, early birth, and gender to the sassiness and bubbly personality - we didn't expect any of it.  But, I LOVE surprises and you have been, hands down, the best of them all.  Such a funny combination of drama and joy, you are. 

I'll never forget when I first found out I was pregnant with you and was at my initial OB appointment.  I sat in that little exam room with your "big" brother, just 6 months old, beside me in his carseat and had tears of disbelief/panic in my eyes when Dr. Fagerland walked in the room.  He sensed my nervousness and immediately placed his hand in my shoulder.  "This is going to be fun," he said. I remember looking at him a little confused, so he repeated it again, "This is going to be fun. Third children are fun.  They tend to find a special place in your heart and break the mold of what you think you know as a parent.  Plus, there's just something special about siblings this close in age."  I'm pretty sure Dr. Fagerland will go down in history as one of the smartest to have ever lived.  Because I'll tell you what, kiddo, his prediction was spot on

You're as fun as they come and you've challenged and treated us as parents in ways we didn't know possible.  We adore your God-given sassiness, outgoing personality, stubborn nature, and smile that lights up the room.  Cam, you've been the sweetest surprise of my life and I am so grateful for the excitement and love you add to it.  Happy 3rd Birthday (+2 days)!  We love you {thiiiiiiis much}. :)

Be back tomorrow with Meal Planning Monday.  Only on Tuesday.  Obviously.


The Starr Family said...

15 months apart, huh? Mine are 19 and I remember feeling that exact same way :) There's nothing better than close siblings, smart doctor indeed!

What a beauty she is and such a treasure, you have a blessed family!

Anonymous said...

i just love what your doctor told you and love that sweet 3 year old too...the sears family

Kelli said...

I am loving what your doctor said...and that he took the time to say it! And, of course, adorable pictures.


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