Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday

You know? Sometimes I feel like a total failure in the mom department because I don't really like to take my kids to the park.  No, I take that back.  I like to take them to the park, but I'm just not very good at it.  I get bored easily, worry about how dirty my kids are getting, if they're being safe, if they baby is eating rocks, how many other little rugrats have peed in the twisty slide, and where I can find the nearest restroom in the event of an emergency.  I pretty much ruin any chance I have of enjoying myself.

Last Thursday I was determined to get over myself and enjoy the park as much as my kids.  It was a beautiful day.  J was gone for a meeting all evening.  Addi's school was having a fundraiser at Burger King (the perfect excuse for fast food!). And, with or with out the park, our kids were in desperate need of a bath.  I had NO excuse NOT take them to the park and enjoy the adventure. So we went and had a BLAST!  I wasn't bored -- not even a bit.  The kids had ketchup on their faces and dirt under their fingernails, but their laughter and smiles set my nerves at ease.  {In case you were wondering, they washed up just fine.} Kaiah may have eaten a leaf or two, but doesn't appear any worse for the wear.  And I still can't attest as to how many munchkins have peed in the slide, but for the night I adapted the "what you can't see won't hurt you" mentality. Bottom line?  It may not always be comfortable, but stepping out of my nice, clean box can be F-U-N!



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Molly said...

looks like lots of fun!!! the last picture of kaiah definitely a framer!! so beautiful!


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