Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday's Ramblings. Surprised, aren't you?

My life and mind have been feeling very overwhelmed, busy, and cluttered lately.  I have the itch to simplify, organize, and just be still.  And when I think about the amount of 'stuff' that surrounds me, both material and not, I start to feel smothered.  This week my goal has been to be very intentional with my time and the things I'm doing (or not doing).  I'm cleaning, organizing, minimizing, and slowing down. Spending time with my kids and husband.  Turning the TV off, reading more. Blog hopping and writing less. Making piles. Throwing. Selling. Donating. I'm hopeful many of these will be permanent changes that are good for me and my family, but I can promise one thing that will NOT change is this blog.  I love it and I love you.  It's therapeutic for me, hopefully a little entertaining for you, and a documentary of sorts for them {my family}.  It's my prayer that I can continue on with this blog and in life striving to do everything for the glory of the One who made me.  You're singing that new Steven Curtis Chapman song, aren't you?  I totally am. Seriously.

Anyhoo, friends, sorry for the ramblings.  My mind is a strange, complex place.  I appreciate you coming along, day after day, rambling after rambling. My heart is thankful.



Laura said...

Missy I can so understand how you are feeling. It's easy to feel like that, but hard to do something about it. Good for you for taking the initiative!

~Stephanie~ said...

I can so relate Missy and have been doing the same this week! We only have one room left to "organize" and it feels wonderful! By the way - I was in Sioux Falls, SD and met a gal from Elkhart. When I told her I was from Ankeny she said "Do you know Missy look just like her"!

Molly said...

When I read this post...I laughed! NOT because what you wrote was funny but because I have been feeling the EXACT same way!The other night Tim and I had a serious conversation about getting rid of cable TV. Sometimes I wonder....definitely soul sisters!!!


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