Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Laundry Room: Part 1 {function}

I’m a firm believer that our homes can be functional AND pretty. So when I decided that our laundry room needed an intervention in both categories, I naturally started with the practicality aspect {it's cheaper - as in, nearly free!}. As you’ll see – the pretty is yet to come. Our itty bitty laundry space is in need of some serious paint and we’ve been about 1 load away from needing a new washer AND dryer for the last 2 months or so. I’m hoping that replacing those 2 things will give me the motivation I need to prett-ify the rest of the space. In the meantime, here is how the functionality intervention went down:
Things to consider:

1. Our family of 6 produces, on average, 10 loads of laundry a week. More specifically, a LOT of underwear, socks and pajamas.

2. I usually match and fold socks, but underwear and jammies don’t get folded. I just don’t see the point.

3. We have a LOT of socks that belong to no child, in particular. Community socks, if you will. They’re plain white or solid colored and aren’t specific to one person.

4. I LOVE the idea of a family closet, but this is probably the closest we will get to one in this house.

5. The desk is an old, cheapy from Tar-jay and moving it there will go down in history as one of my better ideas. I’m not always great about putting folded clothes away right away, so the desk is a great place for me to make piles for each family member until they can get put away.

6. We’re the kind of family that will sit around in our pajamas for hours before actual bedtime. This means that the majority of time we will send 1 or 2 kiddos up to get jammies for everyone. A centrally located place for pajamas only makes sense.

So, here it is…

I told you that it leaves a lot to be desired in the prettiness department, didn’t I?

See those 4 dollar store cubes with the tags on them? There is one for each kiddo and that is where their individual socks so.

The 2 rectangular boxes above them hold the socks that are fair game for anyone. One for plain white socks and one for colored socks.

The 3 drawer Rubbermaid thing holds all the undies. Top drawer for A, middle for E, and C’s are on the bottom.

Beneath that is a metal drawer storage unit from IKEA that I LOVE. Every kid gets a drawer for their jammies. Makes sense, right?

Oh, see that yellow bucket on top of it all? Yeah, that’s usually full of pajamas/underwear/clothes to be returned to the grandparent’s houses. I love that they have those things at their house too!

Well, that’s it.  Like I said, it is still pretty hard on the eyes and leaves a lot to be desired in the way of beauty.  But, man, it is just sooooo darn functional for our little circus.

On a semi-related cute little clothes sorter has all but bit the dust and is quickly aproaching near death along with the washer and dryer.  She just keeps collapsing on me. It's a sad, sad story. But I'm hoping it has a happy ending, as I'm diligently shopping for a wee bit larger replacement.  {Stay tuned.}

So, tell me about your laundry room woes.  How do you organize?  And, please, tell me you’re better than I am about putting away clothes?!?


Christina said...

We are a family of 6 too, and I have to do at least 1-2 loads a day!
My laundry room is so small, I am in love with the size of your's. Fantastic ideas! You've motivated me to see what I can do to make mine more functional :) Last year I painted it and I love it!

chandra said...

wow- that is a great laundry room! I am lame and only do laundry once a week....and no I am not better at getting things put away either!

peter marie said...

Your laundry room is amazing!!
Our laundry "room" is in our scary basement, which I use as my excuse as to why I'm am really (really) bad at doing laundry. I'm horrible at putting clothes away. Horrible!

Evans Family said...

My way of getting clothes put a way is that I sort them on our bed, shirts, workout shorts, hanging clothes, etc. One side for me, one side for Reid. Usually they sit there all day as I add to them as I do laundry. I then HAVE to put them away before I go to bed. I recently enacted the rule that if I wash, dry, fold, sort Reid's laundry I do NOT put it away. I have been known to go to bed with his clean laundry still there!

Jon & Jennifer said...

Great ideas! Now I'm totally obsessive compulsive and you know we're a family of 6 too and I iron ALL of my kids' clothes, even jammies, not socks or undies but for sure onesis, shirts, pants/shorts, etc. I also do about 2 loads of laundry a day and iron when my designated basket gets full (twice a week) and then I do the same thing the Evans family does...put the clothes on OUR bed and then I'm forced to put them away for everyone or Jon befoer we go to bed at night. I know I'm crazy for ironging everything but it's like making my bed and the kids' bed every makes me feel better and I'd go crazy if I didn't!

Can't wait to see when you get your space "pretier" I think it looks great now!

Megan said...

Your laundry room is like heaven compared to mine. First it's in the basement, in what is more commonly knows as the storage room. Concrete floors, no cabinetry but i do have a nice table for folding, although I NEVER fold down there because it feels like a dungeon. I dream of a better laundry room and I'm hopeful that is coming soon! Maybe I should do my own Laundry Room project pics?!

On another laundry note, I too, fold and leave in the basket. Putting away is not my favorite part. I just put away a basket of laundry today that was ready to go on Monday...we can strive!

Anonymous said...

Great job for your family! I'm good about putting clothes away, but only because my luandry room is next to the kitchen and I fold clothes while helping the kids with their schoolwork. I end up with piles of folded clothes all over the counters and table so I have no choice but to tput them away before dinner time - works for me!
Billie Jean


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