Friday, October 07, 2011

Insta Friday/week in iPhone pics

Baby colds are the worst, are they not?  I mean, how much would it suck to not be able to blow your nose?!?  Let me tell you -- a LOT.  Poor little punkin.

Quick {non-paid, obviously} product review: We LOVE the Leapster Explorer and take it pretty much everywhere we go.  The 3 big kids each have their favorite thing to do and the possibilities are endless! We give it ***** (5 Star(r)s.  Hardy Har.).

Post game summary from last Saturday: We lasted 1 half, made 4 bathroom breaks (up the big hill), consumed one extra large bag o' popcorn, found $200, and turned in $200.  Now, before you go and give me an outstanding citizen pat on the back let me assure you that I had come up with about 683 excuses why I should keep the money and about 985 ways to spend it.  BUT, in the end, my conscious got the best of me and we left the game empty handed. 

{football is exhausting}

She loves her Papa.

And his dog.

Isn't it funny how an everyday activity like taking a bath automatically becomes new and fun when you put on a swim suit and throw in a couple extra cups?!?

I call this one: Baby In A Basket.

Look who I found sitting on my {forbidden} bed.  Fat dog.

After school snacks.

Picnic at the park.  Told ya we were going to make the best of wonderful weather this week.

Happy Friday, friends!  I'm off to have dinner with the Ladies of the Court (aka the bestest neighbors ever!).

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Christina said...

Cute Pictures!!

My youngest is sick too :(
I hope our little ones get better!


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