Wednesday, October 19, 2011

fall-ified//ramblings (i've been doing that a lot lately...)

when will i learn to pick up before taking pictures??? and in case you're wondering...the dog drinks from that old pot on the floor. he's kind of a water snob and will ONLY rehydrate from that.  which, i guess in comparison, is better than standing on the toilet to drink out of the sink like he did in our old house.

clearly a trip to the pumpkin patch is still in our future.  lookin a little bare out there.

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Yesterday I was a hot mess.  H-O-T mess.  I woke up to a pounding head, throbbing ears, and NO voice (some who know me might consider this a blessing).  So off to the doctor I went with 2 little girls in tow.  Sinus and double ear infection was the diagnosis.  No surprise there.  I get ear/sinus infections more than I move furniture. 

Then, as soon as we were home and settled a bit I noticed that Kaiah was wheezing, running a fever, and super grumpy.  She'd been battling a bad cough like the other kids, but this was different.  And when it comes to respiratory stuff I don't mess around.  My years as a nurse in pediatrics has scarred/scared me.

Have you ever taken 4 kids, 6 and under, to the doctor? Good gracious. It's a form of torture in my book.  I swear they keep those itty bitty exam rooms at like 85 degrees.  Good thing I dress in layers. 

Opinion: is wearing just a nursing tank and jeans when the doctor comes in to examine your baby inappropriate?


Lucky for him, I was still one garment away from the above scenario when Doctor Sorry-to-Make-You-Wait-So-Long walked in. Anyway. An hour and a half and 2 x-rays later we were out the door with a sinusitis/early pneumonia diagnosis and prescription in hand.

That's about the time Super Dad entered the picture and took the 3 big kids to his parent's for dinner (sorry to have missed your birthday, Tony...apparently, crashing your wedding wasn't enough...we've moved on to birthdays), then the girls to gymnastics.  I finally got to shower for the first time yesterday when my mom showed up to watch the babe about 6:00.  After that it was just us sick girls hanging out and cuddling until the rest of our crew made it home around 8:30.

Both Kai Pie and I woke up feeling much better today (thank you, Lord!).  We've got some soup in the crock pot and plans to watch The World Series in front of the fireplace tonight. Sounds cozy, no?

And the point of this little story? Dress in layers, shower before your kids wake up, and don't forget to blog about the bad days too -- they make the mediocre ones seem good, and the good ones seem exceptional.



chandra said...

Yikes...sounds like the starr's have the sickies! Hope you gals are on the mend now and the other ones don't get it! Love the decorating...looks like it could be in a magazine!

Jenni said...

house looks gorgeous as usual miss!

CalypsoInTheCountry said...

Gorgeous Halloween Decor! I love what you did with the mantel! Visiting from A to Z party!

The Starr Family said...

You are awesome. Your house is gorgeous and your view on everything: hysterical!


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