Friday, September 30, 2011

insta-friday/week in iphone photos

oh, they love each other so.





it was windy yesterday.

cowboy caviar

the ice cream truck FINALLY made it’s way to our ‘hood this week.  Yo, Sacks, where ya been?

We’ve had a good week. A fast, but good week. Addi started basketball on Monday. The big girls had gymnastics on Tuesday. Eli had a field trip to the fire station on Wednesday. I got to spend time with 2 of my besties on Thursday (1 running date, 1 playdate -- it was like food for my soul!), go to a jewelry party at {Lynamland}, and relax on the couch with my hubby for our standing Grey’s date. Today was school pics for A & E and storytime at the library for C & E. I have some chili simmering on the stove now and am about 1 hour away from crashing. Our fall/Halloween decorations have made their way to the bottom of the basement stairs, but no further. I’m just waiting for the fall-ification mood to strike.

That’s it for now, homies. See you October!

p.s. this is my first attempt at a post using Windows Live Writer. So, if things look a little wonky it’s most likely because i don’t know what I’m doing. Yet.


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