Thursday, September 01, 2011

33 (and waaayyy older than me)

This picture just  It is just SO him. He is as hot as he is funny (my brother's are rolling their eyes right now) and that's a LOT.

You know? Even before we were married, I always knew J was a great, hard working, loving, patient, laid-back, and straight-up hilarious guy with the potential to be an amazing husband and father. So, witnessing these characteristics evolve and play out in our lives has been no surprise to me.  But what has come as a surprise to me is the capacity at which he does and is those things.  The heart on this man is incredible and we're beyond blessed to have him leading our family.

To end, I'd like to quote one of my besties, Ang, as she was passing along her birthday wishes to my hubby..."J, we're just pleased as punch that God gave you another year." Ain't that the truth?! 

Happy Birthday, Jeremiah!


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Joanna said...

Very sweet post. Happy birthday to your hubby!


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