Monday, September 12, 2011

2 for 1: Weekend wrap-up and Meal Planning Monday

So apparently my petition for 3-day weekends didn't pass. Bah. Guess it's time to get President Obama on the line.  No, actually, I think I'll call Mrs. Obama.  We all know the only way to really get things done is to go straight to the woman in charge, right?  Stay tuned.

While we didn't have 3 whole days to spend together this weekend, we certainly took full advantage of the 2 we did have. Our fun started on Friday night with a trip to Hickory Park for dinner with J's parents.  We talked, ate BBQ and ice cream, made multiple trips to the bathroom and watched Addi puke in a cup.  Wish I could tell you this is the first time that one of our children has vomited in a restaurant, but that would be a lie.  I can no longer count these emesis episodes on 1 hand. (Who's up for a dinner date soon??) Once our little ice cream over-indulger was feeling better we made a bee line for the door (you know what they say -- the family that pukes and runs together, stays together.) and made a few stops for some last minute Cyclone gear. Because we needed more.  Uh-huh.

Saturday morning we were up early to pick up a breakfast pizza from Casey's, drop off the 2 youngins with J's parents (THANK YOU!!), and head up to Ames for tailgating and  Seriously.  This is coming from the girl who usually loses her football watching momentum just minutes into the first quarter.  Long game story short: The Hawks were bad, the Clones were {really} good, we reclaimed bragging rights until next year, and we now live in a CYCLONE State. The end.  Here are a few pics from the day, brought to you by my mama's camera and my cell phone.

My mom and sis-in-law/birthday girl/nephew cooker.

He was trying to sabotage the pictures.

you're surprised, right? ps i always have the upper hand.  see?  har dee har.

me and brother brian

making the tailgating rounds.

dad and brothers.  can you tell which one is the family black (literally) sheep.

us girls.

it was hot.

cutest cheerleader in ames.

on the field with 50,000 others.

Yesterday was spent relaxing, playing outside, going on walks, and running errands. 

So, to recap: food, family, friends, football, relaxation, and beautiful days.  Yep, all of my favorite things together in one weekend.  It was all this girl could ever want (minus presents, spray paint, and a new pair of shoes) in a weekend!

Now, on to this week.  Here's what's for dinner at Casa de Starr...

Monday: Southwest Egg Rolls

Tuesday: Easy Crockpot Potato Soup

Wednesday: Shepherd's Pie

Thursday: Bacon Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken (carry over. again.)

Friday: Stir Fry

Happy Monday!

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