Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our cups runneth over...

Please forgive me for wasting your time and/or insulting your intelligence with this post.

I'm sure none of you have/had this problem and if you did, you figured out a solution much sooner than I did.  However, one of my favorite things to read on blogs is about how people do things.  What their daily lives look like. How they handle life's little, unimportant annoyances.  Logistical details of balancing life and children.  It's fascinating to me.  {Kind of like the Duggars.}  So, that's why I'm posting this. 

You're probably asking yourself what the heck I'm talking about, right?  Well, here it is...

Until a few months ago my kitchen was being overtaken by cups.  Cups, EVERYWHERE!  The kids would start the day with 1 for breakfast and a short while later they'd get out another for a snack.  Then they'd be playing outside, would get thirsty, and out came 3 more cups.  And the day went on like this until I had no less than 10 "dirty" cups sitting next to my kitchen sink. 

And then I got smart. And went to Target. 

{Can you tell this story has a happy ending?}

And purchased these.

One color for every kid (yes, Kaiah already has a color even though she refuses to drink out of anything other than me. Still. At almost 10 months old.  This will be another post for another day.).

As our new system goes, each kid gets one cup of their color at the beginning of each day. After every use it gets rinsed out, put beside the sink, and is ready for the next time.  Works like a charm.

The cute, pink one with a straw is mine.

Except for one thing -- only 1 of my vertically challenged little people could reach the water dispenser on the refrigerator, which meant I was constantly refilling cups one gazillion times a day.  Enter: common sense to the the form of 3 cheap-o water bottles from where else? Tar-jay.

Our refrigerator has this handy dandy water bottle holder at the bottom -- the perfect place for little hands to reach.  These get refilled as need be (usually only once or twice a day) and are easily accessible for those little hands.

Aaaaannnnnd that's it.  There went 2 minutes of your life that you will never get back.

You're very welcome.

{Really, though...Moms (& dads??), how do you handle this mess of a situation?}

Oh, one more thing:  I SWEAR that in my next house I am going to put a water fountain in the entryway/mudroom off the garage. 

I lied.  One MORE thing: my husband camera-napped my baby Canon Rebel to snap a few first day of school pics at work today, so these iphone pics will have to do.

The end. Again.



Joanna said...

I have to say that we don't have this problem all too often. The kids usually have one cup and stick to it all day long. Only when they go outside do they get a new cup. But I have read many blogs out there that does have this problem. But you have found an awesome solution! I like those cups you found at Target I wouldn't mind getting some and replacing lot's of ours!

Molly said...

love this!!! we had/have a cup issue at our house too! Our biggest problem was that our cups were stored in a cabinet that was over our angled sink (i bet that makes no sense) anyway I would always find a child doing some sort of balancing act over the sink and on the edge of the counter to get a cup out. Not such a big deal with the bigger one but the smaller one made me nervous. So I moved all kid cups and bowls to a bottom cabinet early this summer so they can easily reach them. which has been great. however we now have the same problem you just solved.....


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