Friday, August 19, 2011


L-R: silly kids, snuggles with aunt lana, park with jojo, excited for adventureland!

L-R: cute girls, laundry, snorkel girl, surprise!

L-R: bums, a fav, gum sharing, fun with uncle bri

L-R: balloons!, cheese, baby on the floor

L-R: boy in a box, after school snack on the steps, pre-kindergarten pedis

life rearranged

Also linking up with the adorable Amy at A Good Life.  Check it.



Kennagurl said...

great pics !! happy Friday :)

Angel said...

Great shots! I especially love the snorkeling goggles shot & the feel shot too! Super cute blog. Have a beautiful weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

love the pics! hope to catch up soon! much love...ang


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