Thursday, August 18, 2011

In the interest of trying to lighten things up around here, I'll spare you the "My big girl just rode the bus for the first time!" post. Wouldn't a cute decorating diy or practical organizational tip be just perfect today? Yes, yes it would.  But y'all?  I haven't been doing any of that fun stuff lately.  No, sir.  We've been all business around here as of late.  HOWEVER.  I plan on changing that very soon.  For now though...the latest edition of These Are A Few of my Favorite Pins... 

Free kitchen printables from Kimmie at Sugar and Dots? You betcha!


Wouldn't this be just the most perfect little homeschool room? Oh yeah, except I don't do the whole homeschool thing. I do the "send my heart and soul away from me for 8 hours" thing. Um. In that case, I guess this would make the most perfect little playroom.


These may be the cutest boots I've ever seen. But please -- do yourself a favor and do NOT click over to see the price tag. Instead head to your nearest Target, Old Navy, or Payless shoes, buy the knock-offs and then go feed 100 starving children. Thankyouverymuch.

I plan on doing this on the big wall in our living room -- once we mount our TV, get rid of the wall unit, and buy a sectional. So, yeah, in like 5 years.

And finally, a little funny to put a smile on your face...


Wasn't that fun!  Find yourself a seat on the Pinterest bus already!!

Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

Molly said...

1. pinterest=crack...but a good kind of crack right?
2. that playroom adorable! I bought a couple desks sorta like that this summer want to paint them...I am feeling the red!
3. I looked at the boots price tag...heart breaking!
4. can't wait to see what craftyness you are up to!
5. thoughts on doing a craft night....i think it would be fun!


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