Tuesday, August 16, 2011


4 years ago today I met the 2nd cutest face I had ever seen.  He was funny from the start and a gift from God, no doubt.  I distinctly remember asking myself, "What am I going to do with a BOY? Will he let me love on him like I do his sister?"  Today I still wonder what I'm going to do with this boy, but there's no question about his lovableness (yes, that's a word). He's a cuddler and prefers the comfort of home and family to anything else in this world.  He's a 1/4 of my heart and our love for this little man knows no bounds. 

We will be forever grateful for all the love and laughter you bring to our home, Elijah Wrigley.  We love you, Duder.



Molly said...

Happy Birthday Elijah! The picture is so so so cute!

Joanna said...

Such a cute picture! Happy Birthday Elijah!


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