Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Randomness...

1. Look what we saw cruising the streets of A-town on Wednesday!

2. Addi and Eli emerged from quiet time last week looking a lot like this:

Apparently, my very mature almost 6-year-old convinced her very impressionable almost 4-year-old brother that they should color every.square.inch of their bodies not covered by clothing (nostrils and inner ears included) with green marker. I probably failed in the mom department, as I couldn't help but laugh. And I definitely failed in the blogger department, as I didn't think to take a picture.

However, for those like me, who really need a visual in order to imagine how green the situation really was, here you go:

3. I told you last week about how miscellaneous items mysteriously seem find their way into Kaiah's mouth, right?  Well, this week I found her chewing on a "Made in China" sticker. The least she could have done is found the "Made in America" version.

4. I'm tired of cooking.  There I said it.

5. We're planning a short little getaway {here} very soon and I can NOT wait.  The best part?  The kids have no idea.  They're going to be soooo stoked.  Yes, stoked.

6. I'm taking the Pinterest Challenge issued by Sherry at YHL and Katie at Bower Power.  This comes at a great time for me, as I've got some serious birthday party planning to execute. Pinterest has come through in a BIG way.

7. I'm loving {this} site for some seriously cute kids clothes. Tell me I'm not the last to know.

8. Lately dinner conversation at our house has been focused on this.

9. I hate to brag, but my Cami Shea is pretty much rockin' the impromptu potty training that we started on a whim earlier this week. Four days straight in big girl panties and only 3 accidents. Only 2 or so more years and we can kiss our days of diapers goodbye! I can think of about 1,335,0937 things I could do with $100 or so extra dollars a month.

10. On a related note, Cam is now sleeping in her big girl bed 100% of the time, which means we were finally able to move the crib out of her room and into the room Addi & Kaiah will be sharing.  Pics to come.  However, the transition of Kaiah out of our room into the crib hasn't been what one might consider "smooth."  In fact, it has been downright, rough. What can I say?  Baby K loves her cuddle time with mama. And I don't so much mind either. Honestly, though, I'm in no hurry. We'll work on it more when Addi is in school and Kaiah can nap in that room.  But for now I'm lovin' the lovin'.

11.  I think she'd make a fine diaper and necklace model.  What do you think?

12. Happy weekend from the three silly Starr sisters.



dawn said...

We just spent a weekend at great wolf! They will love it! And....can you even imagine life without diapers??? Someday... :)

Kelli said...

No surprise...adorable kids - I mean what family can rock green colored marker, a diaper/necklace model, bed shifting, AND potty training all at once??
1. we went to Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte a couple years ago and LOVED it. It's my kind of hotel!! Swimming, spa, and a singing tree - sweet!
2. You are NOT the last to know about that clothing site. thanks to your blog, I just found out. Thank you.
3. LOVE the manners list. It's very Iowa.
4. I'm slightly jealous you got to see a google maps car!

Angela said...

I am shocked you were able to take a pic of the google maps car. That thing went flying through our neighborhood, I could barely make out what the car was. So Kudos to you!!!

chandra said...

Love next direct. I have ordered stuff from there for Brylee! Great prices too. Love the pics of Kaiah! Yeah for Cami and potty training! Perhaps Eli and Addi could just color themselves green and that would be an easy solution for Halloween!


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