Tuesday, July 12, 2011


You guys?  This past week has been ca-razy!! Let me just give you a little, not-so-quick run-down.

As I eluded to, our little man, caught at NASTY stomach bug and basically puked for 24-hours straight.  In all my days of morning sickness/mothering/nursing I have never seen so much puke.  He puked until he could puke no more.  Last Wednesday night he was pretty lethargic, so I took him to Urgent Care, where they assessed him and drew some labs. Two of the lab results came back critically low due to dehydration and the nurses and doctors were concerned about just how lethargic he was, so they transported us via ambulance to the Emergency Room. My poor boy spent nearly 24 hours getting IV fluids and meds before he he was feeling like himself again and able to go home. 

Look at those sad, sick eyes!  (his, not mine.  mine were just tired.)
Summerfest started on Thursday and we were planning on taking the kids on Friday night, but that's just about the time Addi started puking.  She was feeling very rotten that evening and throughout the night, but lucky for us, by the time morning rolled around, she was feeling much better and insisted that we go to the parade.  And who am I to crush her dreams?  (P.S. I really wanted to go too, so that worked out nicely). We LOVE the parade, but more than anything we love watching it with family. The 3 grocery sacks full of candy doesn't hurt either.  After the parade we went to lunch with J's family, his grandma, and best friend Aaron.  Then it was home for naps.  Eli and I took a short one, then headed up to watch my brother and friends play in an alumni soccer game. And so begins Elijah's soccer phase.  He's been playing non-stop ever since.

He loves when I take his picture.  And I love his bald head and dimples.

Saturday night J's parents were kind enough to watch the kids so he and I could go up to the "Leisure Garden" by ourselves.  It was nice.  Like every other year, we spent the majority of our time wandering, socializing and EATING.  Think: fair food at it's finest.

On to Sunday. We packed up and headed north to Iowa Falls to celebrate my grandma Joyce's birthday.  It was a surprise that all of the grand kids and great grand kids came, so she was a happy lady.  Check out Chandra's blog of pics from the day.  It was great to catch up with my cousins, even if it was just a quick visit. Also? That beautiful Brylee gets cuter (and more petite!) everytime I see her! We took the scenic route out of Iowa Falls, admiring the homes along the river.  Our drive home included a stop in Story City to see my grandma Nana, ride the carousel, and feed no-nap Kaiah.  We also took a quick detour through Ames to see the Cyclones' new, ginormous scoreboard.  J had practice that evening, then we took the kids up to play a few games at Summerfest and we ended our night perfectly -- with fireworks!  We've made it our little tradition to watch them from as close as we can get.  And trust me, the view does not disappoint.

Waiting for fireworks. Thank goodness for cell phones when I don't have a real camera handy.

And then there was yesterday.  Oh, yesterday. It all started when our power went out with a thunderstorm so strong it felt like our house was going to blow over.  For the record, no power = no work for me.  I worked from my parent's house for part of the morning, while J and the kids hung out here in the HOT house.  By afternoon J needed to get to his game, so the kids and I packed up our things, as well as our fridge and freezer (of course, I had just gotten groceries!) and headed to my parent's house.  This was about the time that J called me to say that he had talked to someone at the bank and our accounts had been "compromised." Meaning, no access to our accounts using our credit/debit card for 7-10 days.  Great.  The good news?  No money was actually taken from our account. Anyhoo, we went to the games, got the kids nice and sweaty, then I took them back to my parent's house for baths and a "campout."  At approximately 10:30, just as I had gotten all the kids to sleep and J was preparing to join us for the night, he saw the light.  Literally.  As he was pulling out of the driveway, he happened to glance up and notice Camden's closet light on.  The kids and I finished out the night at Papa and Jojo's, then came back to a nice, cool home first thing this morning.  Thank God for electricity and all the amenities associated with it.  It is probably no surprise to any of you, but I just wouldn't cut it as a third-world resident or Amish girl.  Nope, not me.  I enjoy the solace of my air conditioned quarters. Capeesh. 

Campout at Papa and Jojo's
Wow, that was a wordy recap.  But, as with everything else, I tell our story not only for your entertainment, but so that we will remember the circus that is our {wonderful} life. 

Thanks for being patient on me.  I hope to be back much more regularly this week.


chandra said...

great recap! So great seeing you guys! Love those kiddos!

The Starr Family said...

And this... is our everyday as parents. Exhausting, but filling & fun!

Christina said...

Man! What a couple weeks, I'm so glad your little guy is feeling better! And that electricity is back on! That's SO not cool...literally!
Hang in there :)

Molly said...

you have had a crazy week!!! hope you are getting all rested up!

Joanna said...

Wow what a week! Glad your little guy only needed some fluids!

It looks like y'all had a great Summerfest!

Yes, power is one of those amenities that I think we all take for granted. I freak out when ours flickers thinking it might go out.


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