Monday, June 13, 2011

So long Scottie too hottie!

Last night we shipped the kids to J's parents and headed downtown for dinner at Centro with these special people.

Me, J, sis-in-law (& baby to be!) Danielle, brother Brian, Scott, my mom, my dad.

As I mentioned, my youngest brother Scott, recently graduated from college and is moving to Kansas City later this week. No doubt, KC is getting the better end of this deal. Scott's one cool dude and we're going to miss him somethin' fierce. Not only is he super smart, innovative, level-headed, kind, and honest, but he's funny too.  See?

Long story short: We love him and plan on inviting ourselves to Kansas City often.

So, so long, Scottie too hottie!


1 comment:

chandra said...

love the video of the sound of music!
Best of luck to Scott! For sure, KC is getting the better deal!


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