Thursday, June 02, 2011

New to us furniture and a summer mantle...

My parents gave us their old couch and loveseat. We especially appreciate the gesture seeing as our old stuff was almost 9 years old.  It had been puked, pooped, and spilled on and stunk like dog. To say it was well loved is an understatement.  Plus, we decided back in the winter when we were all trying to cuddle up on one couch and an oversized chair that we just needed more seating.  Enter: Ma and Pa's hand-me-downs (which are in really, really great shape -- despite living at college with my brother for a year! I like to think he was what you would call a clean college kid. :) ).  While we still plan on investing in our own living room furniture (think: crisp, light, comfortable, and slipcovered) sometime in the near future, these are perfect for now. 

Our living room, while it isn't lacking for square footage, presents us with a few furniture placement challenges.  The room opens up from the eat-in kitchen and has one large wall that houses our entertainment center.

decorated for fall...

The fireplace is on the far wall and the other wall has 3 windows in kind of a "nook" (I'm confident that there is a design-correct term for this, but I don't know it!). I've brainstormed potential furniture arrangements, studied other rooms, and rearranged our furniture time and time again.  There are a couple different options that work just fine, but I'm a girl that likes options and gets bored easily.  Plus, we would LOVE a sectional, but as of now I'm not sure that's in the cards for our unique living room layout.  Anyhoo, enough of my furniture placement quandaries. There are real problems in this world.  However, I am open to any or all suggestions.  When we make the furniture investment, do we go with a couch and a loveseat? A semi-small sectional with a couple chairs? A couch and chairs?  One thing is for sure: comfort is a must. 



Sarah said...

We love our sectional, but I totally understand about how they fit into a room. It totally would not have worked in our old house. Word to the wise, though, my 21 month old loves running on the thing. With multiple kiddos, that may become an issue :)

CarsonFamily said...

perhaps an email to Nate Berkus?? I'm sure he could help you out... it's worth a shot! Love the mantle!


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