Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adventures (or lack there of) in gardening.

Remember how I said that I wanted a garden?  Well, Mr. Makemydreamscometrue hopped right into action and whipped up this really great raised garden bed in hardly any time at all.

How sexy is this man holding a power tool?!?

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to start small. So that's what we did.  And by "we," I kind of sort of mean "he." Honestly? I can't take any of this gardening credit -- except to say that I've watered it a few times and have been helping myself to LOTS of onions.

Anyhoo, our rookie gardening season hasn't been without a few challenges.  Our modest little garden boasts a few tomato plants, some carrots, onions, cucumbers and radishes.  Except, the radishes now have all been picked and pitched.  They were HORRIBLE!  And since none of us really love radishes anyway, we sent a few home with J's dad, then tossed the rest. I'm not feeling a great sense of loss or anything and now we know to avoid them next year.  Live and learn, y'all!



Joanna said...

I would love to have a small garden like that. However, I have a black thumb and can't seem to grow anything and every flower or veggie I've ever tried to have has died...good luck on your gardening adventure!

Molly said...

we started a garden this year too....we had really good radishes, but we think there is something wrong with our onions:) oh well!


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