Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thirteen things on a Thursday...

1. I'm not really a fastfood/burger kind of girl.  However, I find myself driving through McDonalds more frequently these days to grab their new Fruit and Maple Oatmeal. It's like a bowl full of happiness.

2. Correction: I am not really a hamburger kind of girl.  I am, however, a Spicy Black Bean Morningstar Burger kind of girl.  Topped with some mango salsa, avocado, and cilantro it's near perfection.

3. This is the beginning of fruit sticker collection, round 2.

The kids get a kick out of it and I even find myself reaching for a piece of fruit more often now just so I can stick that sucker up there.  Hi, my name is Missy and I'm 4-years-old.

4. This afternoon the kids and I are headed to the dentist. And no one is more excited than this girl.

In fact, she's the only one that is excited.  Eli is worried that Dr. Diane will tell him to stop sucking his fingers. {He should.} Camden is not fond of being told what to do.  I think it sounds like a lot of work.  And Kaiah seems indifferent.

5. My littlest brother graduated from college last weekend. Weird. Wasn't he just in the 5th grade?

Lucky for us, we'll be seeing a little more of him for the next month or so before he packs up and moves to Kansas City. He'll be missed, but we plan on making frequent visits and working our way through this list. I'm sure his bachelor pad and roommate will be very accommodating to 4 small children.  Oh, I kid.

6. In other exciting brother news...I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!! My other little brother and my new sis-in-law are expecting their first little peanut in November.  Can I just tell you how pumped I am to love on a baby that isn't mine?!?  I am! In fact, I have to control myself, as I can easily see myself becoming that annoying relative that is all baby talk all the time. B and D, I will do my best to refrain from all unsolicited advice. Especially when it comes to meltdowns in Wal-Mart and taking away the pacifier from a very dependent/strong-willed toddler.

Isn't parenting just the most humbling experience ever?

7. A couple months ago, in the midst of cold/flu season we came up with a solution to any potential medicine confusion. Read: my husband can't keep this stuff straight.  God love him.

Here it is.  Better late than never, I suppose.

Those rolls of chalkboard sticky paper sure do come in handy!
8. I love when bloggers vlog, so I'm considering stepping outside my comfort zone with a vlog post sometime.  Who's with me?

9. I.will.conquer.this.tonight.I.will.conquer.this.tonight.I.will.conquer.this.tonight.I.will.conquer.this.tonight.

10.  This sweet thang is gruuumpy today. 

And, incidentally, so am I. Only 3 hours of sleep tends to do that to you.

11. Wouldn't {these} be fun on my couch?!?

12. Word.

Source: via Missy on Pinterest

13. Camden, is that you?



Angela said...

Love the fruit sticker idea! I would be for sure be a 4 year old too!

Molly said...

Sometimes I just laugh out loud at how similar we are.....we too have a fruit sticker collection! The girls love slapping one up there!! And of course me too!

chandra said...

Great post. Funny enough that you mention the McDonald's thing as that was on the news tonight as one of the top 5 worst "healthy" fast food items. Apparently that has as much sugar as a snickers. Sorry to burst your bubble...just thought it was funny that you mentioned it. I say go for the snickers! your posts as always...and LOVE the medicine idea and Cam's pic at the bottom!

Kara said...

I love all of these. Especially 2, 7, and 12. I definitely need to get a dosing chart for my sweet husband too.


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