Thursday, May 05, 2011


So. Yeah.  How great is my husband?!? 

Ok, I'll answer. 

Really great.

And, man, you guys were rockin' the ideas in answer to his question. You all know me so well -- especially Kate, Molly, and Erica. You girls hit the nail on the head! Really, though, while all those tangible things sound so (so, so, so!) nice, his post was all I really needed.  Just to know that J understands everything that is going on here even when he isn't AND that he appreciates it is enough for me.  Oh, a couple hours to roam Target, kid-free, and with a Starbucks in hand would be nice too.

Truth be told, though, I'm not doing so hot at this single parenting thing so far.  In fact, I'm just plain sucking it up.  Monday I raised my voice much more than I care to admit. Tuesday I sent a gas station bought snack with my son to school, bribed the kids with toys while getting groceries, and we all ate cereal for dinner when they should have been in bed. Yesterday we hurried through our busy day, driving through McDonalds for dinner, stuffing our faces while watching gymnastics, and I sat on my cup of tea, rendering the seat of my jeans soaked for the "I-just-urinated-myself" look. THEN I followed that up with leaked breastmilk all over the front of my shirt. Awesome. But today is bound to be better.  I mean, it can't get much worse.  Oh, have I mentioned that I'm pretty sure I have strep throat and a sinus infection?  Youbetcha.

Then there's this girl.

Let's just say that her personality isn't the only "unique" thing about her...
Apparently she thinks that she runs the show around here.  And I beg to differ. Yesterday she says to me, after I repeatedly told her to pick up the basket of toys in the living room, "Ou (you) go pick up da wiving woom, Mom. I tired." I gotta hand it to her -- she's got spunk and relies on well-timed comedic relief when in the midst of punishment. Currently I'm reading Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel and learning several techniques for dealing with my adorable, yet spunky children. In theory these are perfect, no-fail techniques.  However, the real key to success is in the implementation, which I seem to somehow be screwing up.


One more quick story from yesterday:

The phrase, "We make a good team!" is something I tend to say frequently to the kids. Like if we clean up the toys together or they helped me make dinner I'll say, "We make a good team!"  And I usually follow it up with a high-five.  Well, yesterday I had just finished changing Camden's very stinky diaper and just as I stood her up to her pants back on she gives me a high five and asks, "We make a good team, Mom?"  I couldn't resist the sarcastic comeback, "Yes, Cam. We make a good team. You poop and I clean it up." While I follow her logic, I kind of feel like I'm getting the raw end (literally) of the deal. Go team!


The Starr Family said...

Missy you are an awesome mom. I love your posts, so real. Your love for your fam is evident... no doubt. You just can't fake your genuine spirit.

And yes, your hubs rocks it. What a guy! Now can I just pass along my hubby's cell #???? :)

The Lynam's said...

Look at the plus side... at least it wasn't really pee pants :) Hang in there Mama Starr. And for goodness sakes, let's get you better!

Cathy said...

Bless your heart...tomorrow is another day! This sounds all to familiar to me!! :) Only it is during planting and harvest seasons.
You are a great mom...and your kids will love you even more for being human!
PS Your husband does rock!!!


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