Friday, May 13, 2011

I feel like this post should probably come with a warning.  So here it is.

Warning: If you're standing up, you may want to sit down.  If you're taking a drink, hurry up and swallow. And if you're experiencing baby fever you may just want to skip this post entirely to prevent further uterine aching. 

Ok.  Now that that's out of the way, here's so much cuteness that I can hardly stand it.



Molly said...

so precious!! your warning was so true...but it did not stop my from looking....I will just have to deal :)

The Lynam's said...

ugh! look at how sweet Kaiah is holding onto that toy. the warning did not work... and now, I ache :( what a beautiful lil' girlie.

Jon & Jennifer said...

ahhh how precious, love the sleepy, snuggly pictures!

Joanna said...

So precious! I love how she's holding her little animal. And the warning made me want to look even more. :)

Angie 'n Will said...

How can you not hold that little one all day long! She's so beautiful and sweet!

It makes me so excited for when my little one gets here!!!


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