Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Half a year.

Kaiah turned 6 months old a couple weeks ago and like most things in my life, I'm late with this post and late with the update.  Late.  It's a theme with me.

So, without further ado, here's a quick update on the babe at 6 months.

What she goes by: Baby Girl, Kai Pie, Kaiah True, Punky.

Weight: 13 lbs. 9 oz. (20th percentile). She's our peanut!  Dr. Schutte wants to see her back in one month for a weight check.  In the meantime, we're doing our best to fatten her up!

Length:  I'll have to get back to you on that one. I don't have my facts sheet in front of me at the moment.

Sleeping: Prior to teething and getting sick, Kaiah slept approximately 8:00-8:15.  Lately she's been up a couple times to "snack" and cuddle, but truth be told, I don't mind. Our schedule is changing a bit now that school is out, but she's been napping from 9:45ish - 10:45, then again from 1:30-3:30.

Eating: Still nursing every 3-5 hours and occasionally during the night.  I'm a human cow/pacifier right now and other than the occasional desire for a long night out with my hubby or besties, I adore our time together.  And I know it will come to an end much too soon. In addition to the nursing, Kaiah gags down (literally) baby food 2 times per day, along with rice cereal once a day.

Likes: Sleeping with her blanket over her eyes, the pink stuffed dog, baths, silly siblings, the exersaucer, my hair, peek-a-boo, and being surprised.

Dislikes: Still the 7:30-8:30 hour, Camden (on occasion), bottles, and pacifiers.  And sometimes people with glasses. :)

Cutest feature: 2 teeny tiny teeth and her pug nose that wrinkles with the frequent smiles.

We're still completely smitten with this baby girl of ours. As the days and weeks go on I find myself clinging tighter to every moment, making each moment a memories.  Good, good memories.

Clearly, she doesn't lack for attention.


Joanna said...

So sweet! I love that age.

Molly said...

seriously 6 months already! crazy! she is a little peanut!
Oh and I love the last picture...the look on her face is priceless...she is so loved!

Anonymous said...


the sears family


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