Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A shared space...

We've been referring to this room, very generically, as just "the girls room" for the past couple of months.  At the moment we are unsure exactly which 2 girls will end up sharing this space.  But for now Addi has taken up residence and we're expecting Kaiah to transition out of our room and in to this room eventually.  Our logic is that we don't want 2 nappers bunking up and since Addi will be at kindergarten all day next year *sniff*sniff* it would only make sense for our oldest and youngest girls share the space.  This, of course, means that the crib will eventually need to be moved from Camden's new room to this room and, as you can see, it's already filled to the brim with furniture.  So...needless to say, we still have some logistics to figure out, but for now...I present THE GIRLS ROOM!

The boyish before:

And after:

{please ignore the bad photos...the weather was not cooperating}

My diy Picnik "artwork"

Here are the deets:

The paint color is "Robbins Nest" from Benjamin Moore and, despite how the pictures look, is definitely more blue than green.

The furniture was "an investment" (yada, yada, yada) and was purchased mainly with a gift card from Homemakers Furniture.

Bedding was a steal from TJ Maxx.

Addi's craft table and Kaiah's step stool by her bed were gifts from a co-worker of J's.

The "sit" chair was a Craigslist purchase for $5 and we have a matching one sitting on our front porch.

The poms were made by moi.

And the "magnet" board is a total fail because, as it turns out, it isn't magnetic at all. While I take partial credit for this mistake, the Home Depot dude is mostly to blame.  I told him what I needed and what I was using it for, he said he had just the thing, lead me to this massive piece of metal, I took his word for it, and walked out of there looking very tough and carrying a very non-magnetic piece o'crap.

So, that's that.  The "girls" room is complete and now that I've documented it, Addi can go back to messing it up as she sees fit.

The end.

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Jodi said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Jill@Barnes Yard said...

So girly, so sweet, so cute!

Joanna said...

Love it all! The color is beautiful! Our girls' beds was an "investment" as well. We look at it as it's going to be around forever. {or at least it better be!} ;-)

Molly said...

so so so cute! perfect little girls room!! And I like your logic behind roomates!!

KateMStarr@yahoo.com said...

Good golly miss molly! It is just lovely! I absolutely love the color... oh how you've inspired me :)

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

You make me want to completely re-do the makeover I am 75% finished with. ;)

Jon & Jennifer said...

LOVE IT!!! Looks just adorable Missy great job!

Krista said...

It's so sweet. Pink and blue would be my choice if I had a girl. Two boys later... still waiting to put that idea to use. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kara said...

What a cute girls room! I love the blue color on the wall too...so sweet and so fun! Great job!

Kara said...

What a cute girls room! I love the blue color on the wall too...so sweet and so fun! Great job!

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

You have been featured at House of Hepworths' Weekly Link Party because you are awesome!

Stop on by, grab a button, and shout how awesome you are from the rooftops!


Allison @ House of Hepworths

PS I hope it was okay that I featured you. Your images are locked so I had to grab your link from your page source (I rock at HTML). If you want to be featured all over blogland you are going to need to get your images unlocked. Most bloggers don't know how to take images from the page source. (I hope I'm not stepping on your toes. I'm only trying to help!)

Kara said...

What a lovely room for the girls. The colors are delish.

Jamara @ My NW Nest said...

Oh my gosh! I absolutely love this room! I have three girls, two of which are sharing a room and have been wanting to separate their bunk beds for months. But can't figure out how to have room for both beds and dressers and toys. ACK!! I'll be snooping around your blog for more ideas. You're great!!

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

Featuring this today at Sugar and Dots!

katie said...

I have 3 boys so you can imagine how I am drooling and swooning at the same time as I look at what you've done to the space. Good job!


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