Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Our family rules...minus a very important one...

I'm loving all the family rules subway art on Etsy these days.  You've seen them, right?  I hope to get one someday, but in the meantime this is my cheap version.

It is more difficult than you might think to come up with all the guidelines in which you'd like for your children to abide.  But here's what we have so far...

Be happy
Be kind
Always tell the truth
Wash your hands
Wipe your feet
Play hard
Ask first
Have fun
Encourage your siblings - share in their joy
Do your best
Hug often
No fussing
No whining
No bad attitudes
Please and thank you
Be respectful
Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up (I dare you not to sing it.)

After completing this project I was reading through the rules with Addison and after I finished she, very matter of factly, said, "Mom, you forgot one."

Excited that she was paying attention AND had an opinion, I responded, "Really?  What?"

To which she (very seriously!) replied..."Always say excuse me after you toot."

What can I say?  The girl's got standards.



Kristal said...

Oh my, laughed out loud at this one! Gotta love what kids say! I tried to do this same thing on a picture, of course it didn't turn out as cute as the ones on Etsy, or yours for that matter, but it was fun to try! :)

sillycyclone said...

She is right! That is a very important rule! Too cute..both her and your creation!!

chandra said...

Love it!
Great insight Addison...she also forgot say excuse me after you burp!


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