Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend Wrap-up...

Since it's Wednesday already, I figure that I should probably just cut to the chase on this Easter weekend recap.  Here are a million and one pictures from the festivities - none of which include J, myself, or a family shot. Funny how that happens, huh?

Saturday: We dropped the baby off with J's mom, went to our church's {very cold and windy} Easter Egg hunt, I spent the afternoon/evening in Pella watching softball with old teammates, J played Super-Dad, and the baby didn't starve.  It was a good day for all.

Gearing up for egg hunt #1 of 4.

Our buddy Gabe made good use of his Easter basket prior to filling it full of eggs.  When I asked him how many eggs he thought he might get, he replied, "My best guess would be...all of them." There were 7,000. Gotta love his optimism!

Molly and Cece having a little pre-hunt pep talk.  Despite the stink eye, I'm pretty sure Cece had a good time. :)

Did I mention there were 7,000 eggs?  And it's a good thing too, because there were a LOT of candy-hungry kids.  And a few over-zealous parents.

  • Egg hunt at home

  • An AMAZING service at church, followed by brunch and an Easter Egg hunt at my parents...
The Easter Bunny at Papa and Jojo's left swim suits for all the kids.

Grandma Nana was there too!

Channeling her inner-Elvis

  •  Our final stop of the day was at J's grandma's for Easter with the Starrs and egg hunt #4.

Garrett and Eli made a pretty good team.

And that's that.  You're welcome.


The Lynam's said...

My goodness... Addi is beautiful in the last picture of her! Starr circus=F.U.N!

Molly said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend! Such cuties!! Oh and Cece's stink eye...she is a stinker thats for sure!!
Hope you are feeling better!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Love your Easter recap...I just found your blog & am now following! Your Easter sounded just like ours...lots of activities & lots of egg hunts! Your kids are adorable!


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