Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spur of the moment Saturday...

On Saturday, in a brief moment of stupidity bravery, we decided to pack our lunches, forego nap time, throw caution to the wind and head to the Science Center.  Then, after spending 3 hours eploring, creating, experimenting, and learning, we decided to press our luck and take a little tour de Des Moines. We drove through Valley Junction and to our State Capitol. Across from the Capitol building J and the kids checked out some historic monuments and statues. Next our little adventure took us to the Govenor's Mansion/Terrace Hill and through the streets south of Grand, lined with gorgeous, century-old, multi-million dollar homes.  Our final stop was at the Burger King bathroom.

Here are a few (not good) pics from our morning at the Science Center.


1 comment:

Kendra ;) said...

How fun! You and J are so awesome (don't tell him I said that ;)) PS... DYING over Cam's skirt!!!


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