Friday, March 18, 2011

A *little* space for my little people...

Immediately after we put an offer on this house I began looking for a shower curtain to go into what was soon to be the kids' bathroom.  I don't know why I cared so much.  My mind is weird like that and I tend to become obsessive over random, not-so-important things when I'm feeling overwhelmed. 

Surprisingly, shower curtain shopping was a little more difficult of a task than I anticipated.  I knew it had to be gender neutral, cloth (as opposed to vinyl), and we didn't want anything too "character-y."  Anyhoo, I happened upon an "online exclusive" at that seemed to fit that bill.  And that, my friends, is where the bathroom "decorating" ended. Until last weekend. 

I picked a paint color and J, the painter in our marital union, got to work.  Unfortunately, I forgot the "before" pics, but envision, if you will, a whole lotta boringness.  Builder beige walls, bottles of soap and lotion scattered about, and tooth brushes left haphazardly on the counter. 

Originally I had envisioned bead board for the walls, but we quickly realized that this teeny-tiny bathroom (I foresee some major problems when our kids hit the vain, spend hours in the bathroom, pre-teen years!) didn't even have enough wall space to make it worth the effort.  Soooo, in the end we painted, tore down the towel bar, added 4 hooks, a basket for the mess, and some "artwork" above the toilet. 

And here's the finished product...

We still need another rug, or perhaps just a bigger one!

Cheap "artwork"

A close up of the "artwork" painted by my little artists.
Someone *always* has to sneak in my shots!
Wow, that was a long post for such a little room!



Joanna said...

Love the artwork!! I need to get my kids to do some for us too.

Kelli said...

very cute! I love the artwork and numbers above the hooks. I might borrow (ahem) your artwork idea for Kendell's bathroom.

sillycyclone said...

Love this!! I laughed as I read this post for 2 reasons...I also worry about strange things at strange times:) And we did the exact same thing in our girls bathroom-taking dowm the towel bar and putting up hooks! Great minds!!!

Sarah said...

Super cute! I love the hook idea. We just have one on the back of the door right now since that is all we need... perhaps in the future we will add more!

dawn said...

Super cute! That's the size of our kids' bathroom too....will be interesting when there are four big kids all trying to use it!

The Starr Family said...

So fun Missy... what a bright, fresh space!


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