Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bless Their Hearts...

This little family of mine makes my life pretty sweet.  The frequent, small reminders fill this mama's heart beyond measure.

1. Yesterday J wasn't feeling well and I knew just the thing to cheer him up. Our email conversation went as follows:

Me: "Want some good news?"

J: "We're pregnant again?"

Me: "No!! Our taxes are done."

It's endearing to me that even after coming home to a frazzeled wife, 4 crazy kids, a lazy dog, and a messy house day after day, he would still consider that good news.  As if I needed another reason to love him.

{Just in case it needs clarification: this baby factory is {reluctantly} closed for business.}

2. In a very random, thoughtful moment this morning, Addi says to me, "I think 4 kids is too many for any family. But I'm glad you're trying, Mom." Umkay.  Thanks?

3. In between the running, shooting, and tackling, Eli is notorious for pulling the "Mom? Mom? Moooommmm?" gag.  And once you finally respond with an emphatic "Whhhaaat?!", he follows up with a flash of the dimple and a soft "I wub you." Brings a smile to my face each.and.every.time.

4. Camden's vocabualary cracks us up.  Her latest {very repetitive and practiced} conversation goes like this:

C: "Mom, I got a quesion fo you." {translation: "I have a question for you."}
Me: "Yes?"
C: "Evermine" and a *sigh* {translation: "Nevermind."}

Have you ever heard anything cuter?  Maybe I need video proof of the cuteness??

5. And my baby.  Oh, my baby. She spent 5 minutes giggling today while I hovered over her making some ridiculouly goofy noises. There has never been a more joyous sound.  I'm sure of it.

Yep, they make me happy.  It's a lovely little life I lead.


Jodi said...

Precious :). Kaiah's eyes look brown in this pic!

The Starr Family said...

These are the God-winks moments... when He winks down and blesses you with abundance! Great family indeed.

dawn said...

So sweet! Love #2 :)

chandra said...

You are truly blessed!


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