Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Weird Wednesday

**we interrupt your regularly scheduled program (Wordless Wednesday) for this especially weird story**

Elijah has been pure entertainment these days.  And by "entertainment" I mean weird.  Yep, I just called my kid weird.  Really, I mean it in the most endearing, lovable way possible.  His weirdness is so hilariously cute and I must document it.

For the last couple of months Eli's days have revolved around what he is wearing.  Strangely, he is my only child that even cares a little bit about what he is wearing, which is especially weird given the fact that he is the only boy in our litter.  Elijah changes clothes no less than 15 times a day.  And while I usually have a flare for the dramatic, please know that the number 15 is not even the least bit exaggerated.  The craziest part?  He refuses to wear anything that is not a uniform or "basketball clothes."  And, he layers them.  When Eli wakes up in the morning he generally puts on a pair of football pants and three different jerseys all at the same time.  Within minutes he is shedding his layers and is usually up in his room again by 8:30am to put on "basketball clothes" (shorts and a t-shirt under "warm-up clothes," sweat pants and a sweat shirt) just so he can shoot baskets.  If he even wants to think about football he has to change back to a jersey, pads, and a helmet.  And if his dad is looking at a baseball magazine, talking fantasy baseball, or checking stats on the computer?  You guessed it....out comes a baseball jersey, pants, a glove, bat, and catchers mask.

Lately Eli's bedroom looks worse than my dorm room freshman year of college (4 girls + 1 room = LOTS of clothes ALL over)!  For the first few weeks of these frequent wardrobe switches I basically just followed him around picking up jerseys, pants, t-shirts, warm-up suits, and towels (to wipe his sweat, of course.)  Since then, I've given up and his "workout gear" is just piled on the floor in his room.  Doing his laundry has been a challenge to say the least. At what point do you decide that jersey worn 10 times for only 10 minutes at a time is dirty?  I've taken to the practice of just sniffing said item for little boy funk in order to determine when a wash is necessary.
I think there are two things in particular that make this constant changing of clothes decidedly strange.

1. He is obsessively in-tune to details.  Football players wear eye black.  And so does Elijah.  They write on their eye black and Elijah follows suit. Basketball players wipe their faces with towels, drink out of water bottles on the bench and change their clothes in a locker room.  Elijah does too (he now refers to his closet as his "locker room"). Baseball players tighten their batting gloves and dig in their cleats as they step in the box.  Eli mimics their every.single.move.  It really makes me conscious of the other things he is potentially picking up on.  Their language? Attitudes? Spitting?  Butt slapping?

2. The most recent obsession in this matter is either annoying or just down right hilarious...depending on who you ask. 

Elijah now likes for his Dad to match what he is wearing and will ransack J's closet until he finds clothes that look like his.  If Elijah has ISU shorts and a t-shirt on to play basketball, his daddy must too.  Heaven forbid J is wearing a baseball sweatshirt while shooting baskets.  In Eli's world it is unthinkable that you can wear one type of clothing and play a different sport.  Clothing must correspond to the athletic even they are watching, playing, or thinking about.

Oh, this boy of mine.  I love him, weird quirks and all.  We all have them, I know.  But this. This obsession with athletic apparel is one I can handle and it keeps me smiling.  After all, he could want to play princess dress-up with his sisters.



Jenni said...

this is SO FUNNY!!! i'm laughing out loud over here! it will be a great story to tell when he's older

chandra said...

Very funny! He is so stinkin' cute!

Jon & Jennifer said...

LOVE IT!! Hilarious!! Made my morning reading this for sure!

sillycyclone said...

take is hilarious!! and cute!!

Angie 'n Will said...

Such a cute story!!

Stephanie said...

Love it!! He is so darn cute!!


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