Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Valentine-ified and a surprise for our little Kai Pie!

I've never decorated for Valentines Day before and I'm not really sure that what I've done this year exactly qualifies as "decorating."  I did, however, manage to add a few red accents here and there, cut out a couple hearts, and pour some conversation hearts and Hershey's Kisses in our (now picked over) candy dishes.


It's no secret that we loooove surprises around here, so imagine our excitement when this adorable bib and matching burp cloth showed up in our mail box last week.

My high school friend, turned Facebook friend, turned blog friend, Michelle has an oh-so-cute ETSY shop and made these for our sweet Kaiah girl.  We think she's adorable anyway, but these just up the cuteness factor.  Not only are the prints on these to die for, they are uber practical too.  The burp cloth is equiped with a paci pocket AND spit up catcher on the back.  Ingenious, right?!?

So, if you get a minute, head on over to her ETSY site and do some shopping. Then, check out her blog and two of the most handsome blonde haired, blue eyed boys you've ever seen.

Thanks again, Michelle! Kaiah is enjoying drooling and spitting up on her new digs. :)


Jodi said...

SO CUTE!!! Your house looks awesome...as usual. Love u!

sillycyclone said...

LOVE it! I like all your decorations...you are right you do need them all!!! Looks great! And I really like how you used scrapbook paper as a mate in the one picture frame...what a brillant idea!!!

The Starr Family said...

Love your pops of red... and that cute little bundle of pink at the bottom :) Her new bib is super cute, will check out the Etsy shop!


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