Monday, February 07, 2011

Meal Planning Monday

We had a great, relaxing weekend with nothing too exciting to report.  Addi spent Friday evening with a friend at an indoor playground while the rest of us lounged around here until we mustered up enough energy to grab a bite to eat.  Saturday we all went to Addison's basketball game, then had lunch at my parent's with my grandma.  That night we got wild and crazy and headed to Target for groceries.  Yesterday was church, naps, errands, and, of course, the SuperBowl.  See?  Nothing too exciting. 

We have a busy week ahead: Valentines day parties, open gym, Zumba, playdates, gymnastics, choir practice, Bible study, and school!  Whew.  At least my meals are planned and groceries have been bought!

Monday: Pappardelle with Turkey Ragu (carry-over from last week, remember?)

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner (also a carry-over)

Wednesday: Crescent chicken

Thursday: Cajun Chicken Pasta

Friday: Minestrone soup


1 comment:

The Starr Family said...

Zumba?!? Mrs. Starr, you go girl... dance/shake off that crescent chicken :)


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