Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coach Starr and the Stars (clever, eh?) finished their 6 game season on Saturday.  Our little "Star" contributed 6 points, several rebounds, and lots of entertainment (along with the rest of her teammates.  5-year-old basketball players are a funny bunch.).

{Big sis let little bro sit next to her on the sidelines.}

{Discussing the game plan.}

Good season, Stars.  I encourage you to commit yourself to excellence during the off season by putting into practice good training principles.  Hit the weight room.  Work on your quickness, free throws, and shots in general. Go above and beyond. Require the most of yourselves.  Only self-discipline, dedication, and sacrifice will truly prepare you for the next level: 6-year-old ball.

Ahem.  Sorry, that was the college athlete in me talking. Of course the mom in me says, "Just go have fun!"


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Jodi said...

Yeah Stars! We're proud of Miss Addi and Coach Starr.


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