Friday, January 21, 2011

Winner winner chicken dinner and Friday randomness...

You guys are good, but Brooke nailed it with her answer...

"I am guessing she made her own "diary"; however, what she wrote is priceless."

Good work, Brooke!  I'm confident that my prize of a high five and a butt slap won't cause this mama to four boys any blushing.

Anyhoo.  Here's the story behind the "direa."

On Tuesday afternoon Addison had been "writing" for over an hour and I finally asked her what she was working on. She replied, "It's my 'diarhea,' Mom.  Would you like to read it?"  I couldn't contain myself.  I laughed uncontrollably; called my mom, relayed the story; then laughed some more. 

I am looooving this phase of watching Addi learn to read and write by sounding out words.  It's amazing to hear her broaden  her vocabulary.  Even when she naively uses words incorrectly.  Like diarrhea and diary.

It's a story I'll never want to forget.  See?  That's what this ol' blog is good for.  Making memories and documenting them.

And it's also good for chronicling total randomness like the following:

1. I despise going to the eye doctor. I'd rather poke my eyes out with a butter knife.  I'd rather go to the dentist.  I'd rather give birth.

2. Speaking of giving birth...between you and me?  I kinda like it.  Is that crazy or what?  I enjoy the anticipation.  I enjoy the rush, the excitement, and the hospital food.  But most of all?  I enjoy the prize.  Can you tell I'm more than a little sad that my days of baby having are over?  Oh-well, we're on to bigger and better things -- baby raising!  You know, shaping little minds, inspiring happy and Godly men and women. Lord, help us!

3. I have a paralyzing fear of large bodies of water.  Oceans, lakes, rivers, flood waters they all are nightmare-provoking for me.  Pools, however?  Love them. I have a special place in my heart for clean, heated pools.  Hmm...high-maintenance much?

4. I was born on a farm.  Check that.  I was born in a hospital and we lived on a farm.  If you know me you might find this a little amusing.  These days I just don't do stinky animals, chores, and manure. (I do do stinky kids, household keeping, and poop.) However, I would love for my children to know the "farm life."  Does that make sense?  As an Iowa girl, I have a great appreciation for the hard working, relatively self-sustaining farmer and I hope that my children grow up with a similar respect for the aforementioned.  Plus, all that room for the kids to roam would be stellar.

5. I don't care for "stupid humor" movies. The 40 Year Old Virgin, The Hangover, Austin Powers (did I just age myself?)?  Not my cup of tea. 

6. I shave every.single.time I shower. True story. Feel free to rub my legs next time you see me.  They'll be ready for you.

7.  In college I went on a mission trip to southern Texas/Mexico.  We did several service projects while there and visited an orphanage.  It was a sad, I-want-to-take-a-baby-home-with-me, our God is so amazing type of way.

8.  I prefer my corn cut off the cob and my apples peeled.

9.  I started Zumba at our Church on Tuesday night. While it's a bit like Just Dance 2, I'm going to need to channel my inner Paula Abdul for next week's class.

10. {This} is where I wish I was spending my Friday night.  But, since I'm not, I'll gladly settle for a night in front of the fireplace with my 5 favorite people.

And, finally, a few random pics of sweet Cami Shea to complete this random post.



The Starr Family said...

Oh sweet heavens, that is for sure one for the baby books! Missy, that is hilarious!

And seriously... seriously... you like the hospital food?

Joanna said...

I like the "baby having" part too. I'm a bit sad that those days are over for us as well, but I'm not sure I could handle any more little people at the moment.

chandra said...

i, too, shave my legs every time I shower! must be a Voigt thing!!
Love the adorable pics of Miss Cami and the diarrhea story..I actually figured out what she was trying to say as well...must be all the time I spend with those elementary kids!


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