Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's in a name?

Since her birth, we've had many people ask us about Kaiah's name.  Not necessarily because it's all that unique, but because if you know us, you know that all of our kids have names with some sort of baseball significance. 

What started with our Addison Clark as a happy coincidence (I liked the name, J liked that Addison and Clark Streets intersected at Wrigley Field, the home to his beloved Chicago Cubs.), continued on to our 2nd and 3rd born children.  Elijah Wrigley was named after the obvious, Wrigley Field, and Camden Shea was named for Camden Yards (home of the Orioles) and the former Shea Stadium (the previous ballpark for the NY Mets).  Their names were easy.  Not much thought was involved.  We liked them and thought they went well with our "naming style" (whatever that may be!)

But this 4th baby name had us stumped!  There was no obvious "go-to" name.  Nothing that jumped out at us.  And quite honestly, I didn't feel the need to compromise very much.  I mean, how many wives agree to name their kids in honor America's Favorite Pastime?!?  J made lots of suggestions and I had lots of criteria. 

1. Most importantly, it needed to be a name that just "went" with our other kids' names.

2. We really wanted Quatro to be called something that could be shortened to a nickname ending in an "i". {Note: there are very few boy names that can be shortened this way and still be boy-ish.  Eli is one of them.}

3. A girl name couldn't be too girly or too masculine.  As with our other girls we liked the "sporty" first names that could be shortened to cute, fairly-feminine nicknames. I know, I'm crazy.

4. For a boy, J was insistent that the first name be biblical.

5. Lastly, we again wanted Quatro's moniker (first and/or middle) to be somewhat baseball related, as to not leave him or her out of our family's little name game.

All these conditions really gave us a lot of hoops to jump through, but at the same time, it was nice to have a means for narrowing down our search for the perfect name.

So, that brings us to our Kaiah True.  Here's the story: Kaiah was a name I threw out a couple weeks before her birth.  It was only the second girl name we discussed that didn't get a resounding "NO" from either of us. We both liked it immediately. It wasn't common, but not too unique or trendy either. The spelling seemed to fit, as it could be shortened to "Kai", thus fulfilling our "i" nickname criteria.  Plus, we LOVED that (with our preferred spelling) it ended in an "ah" like both Jeremiah and Elijah. On to the short list it went!

Then the search was on for a middle name.  Since Kaiah doesn't really have any baseball ties, it was up to her middle name.  And, really, it was a pretty easy decision.  One of J's favorite baseball players of all time is Cy Young, whose full name is Denton TRUE Young. It was from there, friends, that the name Kaiah True was born.

With one look at our sweet little girl on November 9, we knew that she was a "true" angel and her name needed to reflect it. Kaiah True Starr. We think it fits her perfectly.


Brooke said...

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I've been dying to hear the birth and name story! Thank you for giving "me" the scoop. We really need to get together!

sillycyclone said...

Very cool! I was curious:) Thanks for sharing!


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